I was basically traveling from June 23rd until July 12th so I wasn’t around much. Then, literally within a day or two of getting back major stressors started happening with my son, again. He’s got special needs and I find that we can’t go very long without there being some sort of crisis. It absolutely destroys my ability to focus on myself when things get difficult with him. Honestly, it’s been difficult with him for a long long time. There have been some lulls but they are fewer and further between than the very intense bouts of stress.

But, he’s not really what my post was supposed to be about…

Anyway, this morning was my weigh in at home again. My husband has been complaining on and off the our bathroom scale is erratic and gives him wildly different readings back to back. This morning I got on our scale and after getting a reading that couldn’t possibly be true I decided to test it out and got on and off 10 times in a row (I don’t usually do this it was 100% about testing the scale.) I got six different readings in a three pound range over the course of 10 tries. So, I threw it out and went to buy a new scale.

I probably should have done some research first, it was a tiny bit overwhelming. But in the end I just bought one that seemed to be accurate. I got home, re-weighed myself and all is well. I mean 1.5 pounds in a week isn’t really “bad” but it’s not what I wanted to see…

This is a journey that is messing with my head, and I know this, and I know that it is happening, and I know that I can’t let it get me down, and I know that I just have to keep trucking. I’m 33.5 pounds down and that’s a good thing. That has to be my focus. Not the 1.5 pounds this week, but the 33.5 pounds down total.

33.5 pounds down.