I’ve been missing the past week or two because I’ve been traveling without my computer. Things have been hectic and stressful but I’ve been keeping to the plan so that’s a plus.

I was away taking my daughter to sleep away camp on my last weigh-in day. This month my monthly “anniversary” weigh-in day is today, Saturday. So I’m skipping Monday’s weigh-in in 48 hours and just breaking them up accordingly.

This, no doubt, is confusing. But here’s the deal: I’ve lost 4 pounds in the last 12 days so I’m going to record those as 2 pounds lost the first week and 2 pounds lost the second week (which ends in 48 hours).

Then, next week, July 10th, I’ll miss my weigh-in again taking my son to my mother-in-law’s for a long weekend. So there will be another 2 week gap between weigh-ins.

This is super boring, I know, but I’m writing it all down to keep it clear for myself and so the adjustments don’t mess with my head. It’s also all in the weight log to maintain my mental balance.

Bottom line, I’m down 29 pounds, and as much as I hate non-round numbers I’m willing to concede that this may be an accomplishment. Now I’ve just got to find my measuring tape and figure out what I’ve lost in the way of inches (that’s a monthly recording).