So, yesterday wasn’t such a great day.

[Warning: this post might be a bit gross.]

On a whim my husband invited a family we’re friendly with to go out for dim sum yesterday to a place we’ve been many times and love. But, to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of adding yet another restaurant meal to my week, nor was I happy about the idea of having to eat with people who don’t know I had surgery six weeks ago, but what the heck!

Things were basically fine during the meal because dim sum is chaotic and everyone is sharing dishes of food and no one could possibly have noticed how much I was or wasn’t eating. I ate about half the volume of what I would have normally eaten at home, and for no reason I can explain it made my stomach very uncomfortable. Towards the end of the meal I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I barfed. Although, it wasn’t really a standard “barf” because there was no stomach heaving, no retching, no nothing. I just felt like it was coming back up so I bent over and the food just sort of slid back up my throat and out. It was… odd. The food was all fully chewed and there was nothing that could have caused a blockage in the sleeve.

On the way home I told my husband what happened and that I wasn’t feeling too great. We got home and I went to the bathroom and the same exact thing happened again! About 15 minutes later it happened for the final time but this time there was heaving and retching. By that point everything was out of my stomach (all 5 tablespoons of food!) and there was no more barfing. But there still wasn’t any evidence of what could have blocked things up.

The rest of the day went pretty normally except I had some very mild heartburn and I was completely not hungry at all. I stuck to protein shakes for the remainder of the day to be safe and not tax my stomach. There wasn’t any pain, there weren’t any aftereffects, I slept fine last night. This morning I’ve had my protein shake and a slice of cheese and all is well.

I have no idea what made my stomach react like that. I hope this doesn’t mean that I can’t eat Chinese food ever again! But another day, another learning experience. Wow.