I’m thinking of going back to the Dukan Diet. Not actually doing the whole diet as in the Attack phase etc., but more like following the basic principles of limiting food to proteins and vegetables with the maximum of one piece of fruit a day.

See, yesterday my son wanted to try Swiss cheese but when he took a bite of the slice he decided he didn’t like it. So, since it was lunchtime, I took the piece and added two slices of deli turkey to it and rolled it up and ate it. Afterwards, I felt as close to full as I have since surgery almost 6 weeks ago. It didn’t last too long, I was hungry again in about two and half hours, but it was the best I’ve had in a long time.

Then, last night I was really hungry after a relatively unsatisfying dinner and I ate another small bit of cheese with a slice of salami. Again, the hunger went away and I was able to go to sleep later without any serious hunger pains for the first time in six weeks. So, I think, even though I’ve been eating enough protein throughout the day so far, from the protein shakes and the protein bars, the concentrated real food protein from the Dukan style of eating, combined with being able to eat slightly more frequently on the Dukan diet, is what I may need to get through this.

It’s not much of a change, really, from what my doctor recommends anyway. His plan is always protein first, then vegetables and fruit, followed by any carbs last. The exception, of course, in both plans is the oat bran (well, my doctor’s plan said cream of wheat but it’s basically the same thing).  I’ve been doing it most days since my surgery anyway because it was part of the post-op plan and eating it for breakfast each day won’t be hard to do.

My biggest concerns are the loss of flexibility and that my doctor might get cranky with me for eating more frequently.

Being on a diet that blocks out a whole category of food is so much harder than being on a diet that allows everything but limits quantity. I mean, that’s one of the things that is a draw about the weight loss surgeries, your stomach size determines how much can and cannot be eaten and the smaller quantities do the trick for weight loss. It makes it so much easier to eat out, go to a friends house for a meal, go to a party, etc. I won’t say that I like the idea of having to once again cut out an entire food group, but let’s face it, I know that this approach works for me. 35 pounds in 5 months might not be up to WLS standards but for a more traditional approach it sure as heck worked. Right now I can’t see how combining it with the benefits of lower intake capacity will be a problem.

But there is the issue of my doctor. As I’ve mentioned, he’s gotten more rigid as he’s progressed through his career. I’m sure that is based on good solid experience and he’s right that when people mess with the established food plan they aren’t as successful. But, I need something that works for me and the plan his office gives out doesn’t seem to be working for me.

The idea of tweaking it, in some ways making it more strict, by following Dukan is giving me a sense of hope right now…

Maybe if I do this I can increase my success and hit the 3 month target after missing the 1 month target.

Maybe if I do this I can stop feeling so desperately hungry all the time.

Maybe if I do this I can feel more normal again.

Maybe if I do this I can stop feeling like this surgery was a mistake.

And let’s be honest, if I stop feeling like this surgery was a mistake I and bound to be more successful in the end.

I’m not trying to declare that I have all the answers here. I might go for two weeks, or two days, on the Dukan plan and discover it just doesn’t work. But I need to try.

So here’s the rub, my husband’s birthday is next week, we’re having family come stay for 4 days, and I’ve already planned and ordered the food for next week. Given the constraints of this I’m not going to be able to get started until Monday the 19th of June. Then, I’m going to be traveling from the 23rd – 27th. So, I know I’ve got a delayed start and I know I’ve got a challenge once I do start.  But, in this and all things, I have no choice but to do my best.