I’ve been gone this last week because once again things are going on with my son’s health that distract me from everything else. You’d think we’d be used to this by now and it wouldn’t throw us for a loop. But it always does.

I’ve been ok with the food this week. Perhaps a few more grams of carbs than I should have but most of them were coming from fruits etc. so I wasn’t too worried. But this morning I’ve eaten 1/2 pancake that my son left on his plate and three waffles. All with butter and syrup. Oh, yeah, I also had a chocolate chip cookie because I was so hungry I couldn’t wait for the waffles to cook.

I have to hold this together.

Even my husband is having a problem with food and he doesn’t even have eating issues. Last night we ate our dinner and then when the kids were eating pizza he ate two slices just because it was there.

I can’t let this go off the rails completely. I just can’t. I feel as though there is too much at stake. But I lose my ability to see the bigger picture when I’m emotionally stressed like I am when my son’s health is at stake. The stress also makes my body grab on anything and everything I eat and refuse to let go, so no matter what I do this week my weigh in next time is going to be terrible.

Great attitude, right?

I logged the waffles in my food diary. I guess I’ll just try to adjust the rest of my day to compensate.

Sigh. It never really gets easier.