So Friday has been my weigh in day this go around and on Friday I weighed 206.5 lbs. Yep, you read that right, that’s  a half pound heavier than on Monday morning.

I was literally confused and it took me a couple of moments to actually read the scale correctly.

I was shocked because Wednesday and Thursday were such high stress days I literally barely ate anything. So how I could not have lost weight, let alone gained weight, was beyond me. My husband pointed out that I do not lose weight when I’m stressed. Maybe that was it.

But then Saturday morning I weighed myself under the exact same conditions and I weighed in at 205 lbs.

So my question: What the hell is going on?

My answer is: Who the hell knows?

I’ve decided to just accept this without over thinking it. I don’t know why that happened but I’m going to consider it a net loss of 1 pound from Monday to Saturday and put it to rest.


I prefer having my weigh in days on Wednesdays. It’s easier on my psychologically for it to be removed from the weekend as much as possible. So I’ll weigh in again on Wednesday the 22nd and set that as the new day.

There’s not much to do except keep going.

I have a lot to talk about actually. A lot of feelings both emotional and physical that I’m dealing with that don’t make a ton of sense to me. But tomorrow when my kids are back at school and I have a bit of time to myself I’ll get back into them.

For tonight… onward.