So here I am weighing in this morning at 206 lbs.

We got home from vacation last night and this morning I got on the scale.

Was I surprised to have lost weight on vacation? Yes and no.

Yes, I was surprised I’d lost weight while away because all the restaurant eating we’d been doing made me think that even with sticking to protein and vegetables I would have a hard time dropping any weight because of the amount of added salt and fat that goes into restaurant food.

But, I wasn’t so surprised because I walked upwards of 10,000 steps on half of the days we were away and on the days I didn’t I was still physically active.

Also, the last few days I kind of lost my appetite. I don’t know why, I just got tired of eating. I’d order something that I love and was on plan and after a few bites I just think, “eh, I don’t feel like it” and stop eating. I was hungry a lot during the past two days and although I wanted to eat there just wasn’t anything I wanted to eat.

So here I am again wondering if this is sustainable.

Is it?

Will I find myself hitting a rhythm and falling into step where I was last time…

Or will I find myself using up my willpower in a difficult struggle to stay on plan and crash and burn…

Or will I just find everything I can eat so distasteful that I give up in a unremarkable little “puff” of smoke…

Or will that disinterest just turn me off food in general…

I wish I knew.

All I really know is that I’m down 8.5 pounds and I’ms lightly more than halfway to my first goal: out of the two hundreds! 7 pounds left to 199 pounds.

I know one other thing… for today I’m still trying.