So my comments in last night’s post about how much I have to lose to get back to where I started last time threw me for a loop when I stopped to really think about them.

I needed to go back and look at the numbers to make myself sure I knew what I was talking about for real instead of constantly estimating in my head.

Starting weight 2012: 189 lbs
Starting weight 2015: 214.5 labs
Difference: 25.5 lbs

Ok, so I was wrong last night in my calculations. It’s 25.5 pounds higher than I started last time not 35.5 pounds.

That’s something good.

Lowest weight 2012: 153.5 lbs (after being sick with the flu for a week)
Satablized weight 2013-2014: 158.5 – 165.5 lbs (date range 4/2013 – 1/2014)
Average stabilized weight 2013-2014: 162 lbs

So I should really be using the 189 – 162 = 27 pounds number as the “total” weight lost then since it was what I was able to maintain (relatively easily) last time for close to a year.

Given that I’ve gained 214.5 – 162 = 52.5 lbs since January 2014.


I keep saying that I’ve gained 40 pounds. Not so. I gained 52.5 pounds in a year.

Holy cow.

So if this time I lose the 27 pounds I was able to lose and keep off last time that would take me to 187.5 pounds.

Once again putting me right back where I started three years ago.

From this I draw three conclusions:

1. This will take, at best, twice as long to lose twice as much weight. But since I’m losing at a slower rate this time around it will probably take three times as long to lose the weight. That’s 12 months instead of 4 months.

2. It is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to get back to my previous weight range of 158 – 165 pounds.

3. This was not a productive exercise because it has just clarified and concretized for me what a serious uphill battle I have to fight and now I’m feeling even more discouraged.

What is my final “take away” from this? I’d better get used to being happy at 190 pounds because that’s where I’m most likely to land. Cheerful, right? Crap.