I realized that I’m going to be away and not near my scale tomorrow so I decided to weigh myself this morning. As of this morning the scale has moved down again and it read 209.5 lbs.

I should be happy… and I am. Basically. Something is working. I believed that it would and that I just had to give it my all in order to make it succeed. In that I was right. However…

I don’t know how long this is going to work since it was really so much more difficult this time than it was last time and I’ve spent a significant portion of time these past two weeks just plain hungry.

I know that I should have been eating more but there just hasn’t really been anything I was “allowed” to eat that seemed appealing. I know that this is due to the fact that there are so few (if any other than a cheese stick) snacks and “on-the-go” foods that one can grab on this kind of low carb diet. What I need to do is cook and have leftovers of yummy things that I can grab at a moments notice… or in the 2o minutes I have between getting home from work and the kids getting off the bus.

I remember doing Atkins in my twenties (when I had no kids, was single, and lived alone) and making meatloaves that lasted all week and crustless mini quiches to snack on and oven roasted chicken wings to tear into. Sticking with it was easy then.

I remember doing Dukan 3 years ago and eating broiled pork chops and rotisserie chicken and beautiful roasted vegetables and salads. Sticking with this type of food was easy for almost 2 years.

But this time around I seem to just be eating a lot of yogurt, eggs, and deli meats. Blech, that gets boring pretty fast.

Cooking… I have to cook to make this work.

We’re going away for ten days for Passover with my in-laws, sightseeing with the kids in three different cities in six days, and then three days at the beach at the end. We’re staying in hotels half the time and will spend at least four days eating three meals a day in restaurants.

My goal is to not have gained any weight by the time we return. I plan to wing it at the Seder. See what I can or can’t get away with avoiding and just generally doing my best without going too far off plan. The rest of the time I’m hoping to stick to salads and foods that are as unprocessed as possible.

I’m kicking off the trip with an appointment with the doctor that I hate this morning before we leave. She’s supposed to give me the results from the biopsy I had last week. I’m not nervous. I’m just thinking that no matter what she says I’m going to ask for all of my records and get a second opinion. I don’t trust her based on the way she’s dealt with me so far and no matter if the news is “good” or “bad” I’m going to want someone else to look at them. My only real concern at this point is being able to get home from there in time to get a couple of prescriptions filled before the kids get off the bus and we leave.

Life, as always, goes on.

The only way out, is through.

Keep on pushing through.