Today is day 7 and in a few hours I will have made it all the way through a full week of pure protein. I am so ready to eat vegetables!!!

I’ve been struggling more than I should have been this week. “White knuckling” is putting it mildly. Tomorrow I’m just looking forward to a salad. Every nutritionist I’ve ever talked to or read says that eating vegetables is the best way to decrease cravings for sugar and carbs. We’ll see if a few days of veggies can help me with that.

I also watched a TED talk today by a doctor who thinks that we’re looking at the cause and effect of eating and obesity backwards. I won’t get into the details because it is, understandably complicated, but there’s the link if anyone’s interested. It’s only about 15 minutes.

At the end I surfed my way to the doctor’s blog and spent a while bouncing around and reading his stuff. Not only is he a medical scientist/researcher in the field but he lives this stuff too in his personal life. What he writes about is more “Atkins” than “Dukan” but he makes some compelling arguments and touches on a lot of things that align with my own experience. In short, it helped me through the afternoon cravings today. Anything that helps is good right now.