I always forget what the withdrawal from the sugar will be like. The headaches, the brain fog, the exhaustion.

This time there seems to have been a slight delay… or maybe not, I don’t really know any more. It took a couple of days off the sugar for it to kick in. My body myst have been continuing to use whatever was left in my digestive system and now that’s gone because holy shit it hit me at about 5pm yesterday and today I feel as though I can barely function.

Almost 15 years ago when I was cleaning out the sugar I remember telling my husband that there was a reason this was called detox… and a reason why people who are detoxing don’t go to work. Sigh. Why does this disease let me forget this every single time?

So today I am chugging water and dreaming of a Gatorade. I’m munching on almonds when I want to sink my teeth into banana bread. I’m planning to take a walk when all I want to do is go lie down again. Again. I already went back to bed once today. A second time seems like a real failure.

I’m on day 4 of no carbs. It’s been a “modified” Dukan Diet Attack Phase because I’ve had two handfuls of raw almonds (which are too high in fat for Attack) and I had about 1/2 a cup of tomatoes and cucumber and 1/4 cup spinach on Saturday night because we were in a restaurant and I did my best. But it’s really starting to make me jittery. I though the weekend was white knuckling but today is a mess.

I’m going to run some errands and then try to take a walk. The single saving grace is that my daughter’s tennis lesson got canceled for this afternoon so when they come home from school we don’t have to rush out anywhere.

This too shall pass.