So, let’s first acknowledge: snow. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.

It’s messed up my week terribly and I’m trying to live with it. But between work stuff last week and being away for the weekend and then all the snow… I’ve been absent here. Not a good recipe to keep myself going.

But, on to the point of today’s post.

Every time I’ve gotten on the scale in the past year (plus-a-couple-months) I’ve gained weight. Today I stepped on the scale again and it was the same as it was last week. The. Same.

At first it felt good.

And then I was annoyed.

What was I expecting? Honestly, I feared that I had gained and then I reminded myself that I’ve genuinely been eating less, I got in several good walks, shoveled for 2 hours straight yesterday and probably hadn’t gained.

But of course, stepping on the scale has a very strong muscle memory for me that screams “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!” Even if it’s got no right to expect it.

That same muscle memory also expects weight gain, for obvious reasons.

So getting on the scale and seeing no change can feel like both an extreme let down and an extreme relief all at the same time. Can we say “emotional roller coaster”? No wonder I hate weighing myself.

But at this point in time no gain is good. It’s something to be pleased about. It’s something to work towards continuing. It means while I haven’t buckled down to getting rid of it I’ve at least stopped things from getting worse. For today at least.

For today, I’m working on the same things I have been for so long now, gentle exercise (it’s bitter cold today so I’m thinking some indoor yoga), drinking water, taking my medicine, and writing when I can.

For today, it’s enough.