My mother has arrived. She hopped a plane this morning to come help. She’s promised to be “the wife” for a week doing the food shopping, homework, laundry, dinners, errands for the week.

That means I’ll still have to look after the kids, making school lunches etc., but for the most part I’ll have only three responsibilities this week:

1. Go to work
I actually do really have to do this. We were on break last week and so I can’t just start cancelling willy-nilly this week. Especially when I’m trying to get that promotion. If I have any chance of staying in the running I have to stick it out now. I might be horribly depressed right now but I have enough sense left to know I won’t always be and I’ll be angry at myself later if I blow it now. Besides, it’s only part time so it’s not that big of a deal to go and sometimes, it’s a relief to go and be away from all the junk.

2. Get my kids to their appointments
My son’s health problems that reared their head last week resulted in a slew of doctor’s appointment this coming week. I have to go to them. I can’t send my mom and my husband has to go to work. So, this I can do. It’s for my baby, I can pull it together.

3. Go to my appointments
I have appointments made for this week with a new psychiatrist (APN, actually, but that’s fine with me) and an appointment with a therapist. I made two appointments with two different therapists that participate in my insurance. I’ll see one this week and one next week. Whichever one I connect with better I’ll make a second appointment to see. I’m hoping this pans out.

Additionally, it’s my son’s birthday on Wednesday. He’s turning 6. I have to be able to be present for him that day. He deserves that and I want to give it to him.

That’s it. My mother and husband are going to do the rest. I’m pretty sure one week isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference, but it’s better than nothing.

Can I also say that I really wish getting my mother’s help didn’t involve her having to get on a plan. But I’m luckier than most so I should just shut-it and be grateful. Which I am.

I haven’t binged today.

I don’t want to binge.

I don’t really feel like binging.