Nope, that’s not a typo in the title. Have you heard of Nooodles? They are a brand of what are called shirataki noodles that are made out of yam fiber. They have no calories, no carbs, are gluten free, and are basically a guilt free noodle.

I’ve bought them in the past and they are generally passable but they come in a bag of brine and it’s hard to get the brine flavor completely gone before using them in a recipe. As a result I switched to kelp noodles, which were less briny but seemed to work best in Asian dishes and to be honest, that cuisine (while one of my favorites to eat in restaurants) isn’t one that I have any idea how to cook well at home.

Then the other day I was shopping and saw, in the boxed soup isle of the “health food” section, that the Nooodle brand company had a boxed chicken noodle soup. I grabbed two of them thinking my son and I could try them while I grabbed a box of regular organic chicken noodle soup for my daughter.

Well, that night my son refused the soup before I had a chance to make it and it went into the cabinet. I just took it out for lunch and I could not possibly be more pleasantly surprised. It was as good as a boxed soup could possibly be. I sprinkled on some Parmesan cheese and it was a great lunch (followed by a yogurt). Somehow their preparation (or perhaps the fact that they sit in the box in the broth for a long time) removes 100% of the brine taste and they are wonderful in the soup.

One thing I will say about the yam noodles is that when I immediately finish eating them I don’t feel as though my hunger has been satisfied at all. I don’t even feel full. But if I give it 20 minutes it’s as though the nooodles expand in my stomach and I gradually get more and more full until the hungry feeling is totally gone.

I admit, it involves some trust. But, I highly recommend it.

Of course I immediately looked the brand up online to see what else they offer and they have a tomato and “risotto” soup as well. Now, I’ve got to try that!

For the record, I’m not generally a packaged food kind of person. I like to cook from scratch, but sometimes… well… sometimes having something quick, easy, and already waiting for me that I didn’t have to prepare makes the difference between a moment when I make a healthy choice for myself or a destructive one.

I’m fairly confident that having these around will make the healthy choices a little bit easier.