The baking was fine. I was so rushed trying to get it done in between video conference meetings and getting the kids from school and schlepping the kids to activities and then going out with my husband that I never for a moment felt even distracted by the baking.

What a relief.

I think the truth is that I’ve purged my system of the wheat and the carbs and I’ve been taking the anti-depressants for a week.

The combination of those two things has changed things so quickly that it’s a little bit amazing. But a super relief none-the-less.

Now, I know that I have to keep this going for life. I won’t always need the medication, but I will always need to stay away from the wheat and processed carbs.


Now, I just have to do the leg work to make sure I can keep the peace.

That’s on me.

But the past two days I ate on plan, drank my water, took my meds and I can keep doing that.

One day at a time.

(It helps that there aren’t anymore birthdays until March!)