So the final hurdle I have in my food battle of the week is that my daughter’s birthday party is tomorrow, here at my house. 10 girls all aged 9 and under for a tea party. The kicker? I have to make all the food.

The tea sandwiches are no problem for me since I can have the filling of each variety so making the tuna, egg salad, and spreading on cream cheese won’t be any sort of trigger for me.

I don’t care at all about the hot chocolate and it’s add-ins because I can make myself on-plan hot cocoa anytime I want no problem.

But I’m making cupcakes and cookies. This afternoon. Right now. As soon as I’m done writing this post.

Ugh. I know that I can do this. Cupcakes aren’t really my thing. Which is a totally bizarre thing to say given my destructive love of cake, but I think it’s all about the cake to frosting ratio and distribution pattern. Seriously. I’ve had an elaborate theory on this ever since I was a kid and while I recognize it as the ramblings of a diseased mind I hold to it.

As long as it helps me decrease potential temptation in this situation I’m willing to go with it.

I am going to take care of myself in advance of this endeavor and eat lunch so I’m not hungry during the preparation. I’m pretty confident that will help.

Any harbor in a storm.