I was so tired last night I didn’t get to post but I wanted to update anyway.

Day 3 was fine, in fact, much better.

Oddly, not thinking in terms of meals, but instead thinking just in terms of not being hungry, has helped me a lot these past couple of days. God bless my husband for living with scrambled eggs each night this week for dinner without complaint!

Yesterday I ate: My daily dose of oat bran, rotisserie chicken, cheese, a protein bar, scrambled eggs with cheese and chicken. I had 32 oz hot tea, 36 oz water, 8 oz diet soda.

Today I’m on my way to the dentist which is never a pretty experience. But, I took a walk already and I should have time for a nap afterwards before I have to go get the kids. But it’s going to be a day of yogurt for me today!

(Oh, and I took two doses of my medication yesterday which made me a little anxious at bedtime but nothing like the other night. It was manageable.)

One foot in front of the other.