I’ve been absent from this blog since October 28th. September and October together yielded a total of only 5 posts so they can, realistically, count as absences too. 

But I’m trying to come back. 

I hit my lowest weight of this new food plan in December of 2012 at 152.5 pounds. I admit that was after a week of the stomach flu, and when afterwards I bounced up to 157.5 pounds I was still ok with that weight. Long term 157 pounds seemed doable and all my old clothes finally fit again. 

I held relatively steady until May 2013 at which point the chaos of selling a house, buying a house, having our buyers back out on us, moving anyway, and integrating my parents into our home life happened.

And there went 6 months of my life. 

And by the first week of December 2013 the scale read 168.5 pounds. 

Panic time, right?

Except, I didn’t panic. Instead I found the true blessing of this food plan. 

The truth is that I hadn’t started falling off the wagon. I was eating my protein, veggies, and fruit. I was still not eating starchy vegetables or processed carbs. No grain, no potatoes, no flours, no breads. 

What I was eating was more fat and generally eating more than I needed in order to feel full. 

More importantly, what I’d stopped doing was walking and blogging. 

In the chaos of my life, and boxes, and kids adjusting to school, adjusting to my parents being in my house 24/7, and dealing with the constant state of anxiety over living in one house and having another sitting vacant unsold walking and blogging got short shrift. 

And I think that’s the truth of where the weight came from.

Not walking.

Not blogging.

Eating too much.

So, I decided the easiest way to shake things up was to go back on the first Duakn Diet phase of “Attack”. But I was worried that it wouldn’t seem like a big enough change to make my body recognize it needed to start burning through some of that new fat. So, in a very calculated endeavor I decided to let myself have 1 week where ate “whatever I wanted” (excluding wheat and refined sugar).

Guess what… it wasn’t so great. In fact, it was kind of boring and uninteresting and other than the fact that I ate rice a few times, some crackers, and ate some potato chips and hummus one night I didn’t actually deviate from what I’d already been doing all that much. I just didn’t want to

What a surprise that was. 

When the week was up and I moved to a strict Attack of 100% protein and most of it low or non-fat I was expecting to have trouble. But, I didn’t. It was a relief to be back to “basics”. Back to what felt right for me.

I’m on day 5 of Attack and while I confess I’d love to munch on a carrot or a piece of cauliflower I’m not really all that fussed about it. I’ll get those things on Wednesday and it will be soon enough. 

I didn’t weigh myself after the week of “indulgences” so this isn’t entirely scientific. I expect when I get on the scale this Wednesday I’ll be seeing the same number as last time. I suspect that my week of Attack merely undid the week of indulgence but that will be ok. 

From Wednesday on I’ll be back on the Cruise phase alternating days of pure protein and days of protein and vegetables. I’m not going to weigh in on Christmas. I’ll give myself Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as protein and vegetable days; it’s a minor alteration that won’t hurt the overall goal.

Once I’m back down into the 150 range I’ll reassess. 

But it feels good to have a plan.

It also feels good not to have to fight.