So, we went to the wedding and back and all went well. While there are numerous things that I could write posts about – from the pitiful servings of food at the reception that might have made me panic in years past to the surprising ease with with I dealt with the long car rides – I’m not going there because the pain I am experiencing is far more pressing.

After the weekend of travel and the diligent taking of my medication I am still in pretty serious pain. I went to physical therapy yesterday and the therapist confirmed that I have disc in my back that is bulging out of place. But she was also able to determine that the worse problem is that my left side sacroiliac joint is out of alignment. What does that mean? It means that my pelvic bone is basically dislodged from where it is supposed to be. Instead of lining up nicely with my sacrum it is too high and the edge has slipped behind the sacrum. In addition to being misaligned is pressing on my sciatic nerve.

Now I know why I’m in so much pain.

She warned me that last night, after the first PT appointment, the pain would be worse.

It was.

This morning I got up and did my PT exercises and took my last steroid. We’ll see how today goes.

I feel I should be happy that I’m at least on the road to recovery even though I’m still experiencing a lot of pain. But, I don’t. I feel rather pessimistic.

I’m not at home so my insurance won’t cover any part of this and it’s going to get even more expensive as the PT progresses.

I have to get back in the car and drive 7 hours in 2 days on Thursday and Friday to go to a funeral.

I’m not able to walk for exercise or do yoga so I’m suddenly facing a break in the routine I had finally gotten back into and I’m afraid of how it will effect my weight.

I’m also worried about my emotional state. It’s been a rough few months to begin with and chronic pain really takes its toll emotionally.

I just feel so drained.

But, I’m really good at doing what I’m told so I’m going to do my PT, ice my back, and hope for the best.