We’ve got guests visiting this weekend and the guy and my husband are big fans of a beer that has a brewery nearby. We’ve been planning for months to get a sitter and go to the brewery for dinner, which we did last night.

It was fun: great company, great atmosphere, and tasty food.

Except the food, while tasty was so heavy and fried that we all felt a little bit gross afterwards. Well, more than a little bit gross to tell you the truth. We all woke up this morning feeling hung over, and none of us was drunk last night. Also, all four of us reported having weird dreams last night. Really weird dreams.

When I think about what I actually ate it’s not that bad: *Trigger Warning* I had 1 mini-lamb slider without the bun; 3 ping pong ball sized pieces of falafel; 1/3 cup of crab, spinach, & artichoke dip; and then a cheese burger without the bun.

Ok, maybe it is “that bad”. It was a bacon cheeseburger after all.

I kept telling myself that it wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t having any of the bread and the fries and the chips and the beer.

But the reason it was “that bad” is entirely about how I felt afterwards. How we all felt afterwards.

I think my days of enjoying bar food are basically over, sad to say. I realize that what I wanted to order was a salad with a piece of grilled salmon on top. I didn’t because no one else was ordering that and I wanted to partake in the festive atmosphere. But the truth is that in the end I would have enjoyed the salad a lot more than I enjoyed the burger.

And this morning everyone else agrees with me on that.

Live and learn. Live and learn.