This is a list of things I’ve learned about eating on this food plan of mine that help me to stay on plan and not deviate or feel deprived:

  1. It’s ok to eat lunch really early if I’m hungry. I often actually stay full longer after lunch when I do this and it helps me avoid snacking unnecessarily.
  2. If I can wait to have my serving of fruit until 4 pm or later I am less likely to “cheat” and have more than one serving of fruit in a day.
  3. Beans are ok for me to eat as long as I eat them in a restaurant or at someone else’s house because this gives me flexibility in my food plan while keeping my opportunities to eat them at a minimum.
  4. Drinking a glass of water before I eat a meal helps me hit my water intake totals for the day.
  5. Protein bars make good on-the-go convenience food but really shouldn’t be dessert or just a snack. (I have trouble sticking to that one!)