My weight has stayed consistent for the past three weeks running at 159.5 pounds.

This is scary, and good, and amazing all at the same time.

This is scary because it’s 1 pound above my original weigh-what-I-weighed-before-my-last-child-was-conceived weight. Also, because it is only 1/2 pound, a mere 8 ounces, below the threshold weight I told myself I’d never go above again.

This is good because I’m really feeling as though I’m coming to a place where my maintenance food plan is solid and secure and giving the me maintenance I want: a little bit of freedom with reliable consistency.

This is amazing because the past two weeks have been so painfully stressful I’ve actually spent time crying just from the nerve-wracking-stressey-yuck of it all. So, when I got on the scale yesterday to weigh myself I was expecting a gain. But, instead it gave me the same weight which sort of knocked my socks off (or would have had I been wearing socks).

It’s getting easier to remind myself that I can do this because I am doing this. Yes, there will always be new challenges and ways that I will have to cope and adapt to life. As I keep plugging away at this there will be new things to learn and tweaks to be made. But for now, this is working. What a relief to be able to say that . But it is working, and now, this is just what I do. And it feels great.