Well, I made it through the night with no panic attacks or middle of the night anxiety.

It appears the rice may not have been the culprit last week after all.

This is a relief, not because I want to go out and eat a ton of rice, but because the idea of there being such a immediate and intense psychological response was a little intimidating. I’m glad that I was able to disprove the connection so quickly and render the food irrelevant. Rice has never been a trigger food for me in the past and I was a little reluctant to elevate it to that status with all the potential for emotional manipulation that goes along with it.

In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of rice and will probably eat it only a few of times a year. But knowing that it can still be in the category of  “I can still have it in a pinch” gives me a sense of relief.

All of this is important to think about in light of the fact that we experienced a real setback yesterday on the house selling front. I’ll need to write about it later. But if there were ever a time to be overwhelmed with anxiety, last night was probably it, and I wasn’t. That’s a very big relief.