I’ve been off the grid for a while here because things have been so busy.

There’s nothing new to talk about, really. Moving is still really stressful, to the point of nausea at times. I’m trying to keep focused on following through with my food plan and not worrying about things as long as I stay on plan. I’m away for a bit with my family and trying to relax and not think about the stress waiting for me at home. Talking to my parents daily about the details of the buying/selling houses process.

All in all, it’s not a fun time right now. I just keep trying to focus myself on the fact that, fundamentally, these are all good things that are happening and in the end they will most likely be things that contribute to my happiness.

Right now, the reality is that they are just contributing to my soaring stress levels.

This is what “they” call “first world problems”. Agreed. I’m lucky as shit to have the money to voluntarily sell my house and buy a bigger one. I know this. But that doesn’t make the stress it produces any fun.

For today I’m trying to stay present in the moment.

We’re away on vacation and since Saturday morning I’ve eaten in a restaurant three times. Even though I’ve ordered salads and other things that 100% conform to my food plan one can’t deny the increase in fat and sodium that these meals have no doubt introduced to my body. This, combined with the monthly fun of being a woman, means that the scale is going to be horrible tomorrow morning. I know this and I accept it now, although tomorrow I’m not going to like it one bit.

On the bright side, I’ve been able to take a long walk each day we’ve been here and this morning I went to a decent yoga class. It was nice.

One foot in front of the other… just for today.