I weighed myself on Wednesday, but the week was so hectic I forgot to log it.

I weighed 159 pounds.

I have no idea why I was up two pounds.

Right now, I kind of don’t care as I don’t have the brain space to analyze it. There’s just too much going on to obsess right now.

But, I had a moment that those of us who’ve lost a seriously significant amount of weight call a “non-scale victory”.

We got hit with a lot of rain the past two days and one of the gutters was basically just hurling down water and it was clear that there was something blocking it. So, this morning, I went out and cleaned my gutters.

Climbing up and down the ladder wasn’t really a big deal. I’ve spent a lot of time up and down ladders in my life.

What was remarkable for me was that in order to reach two of the gutters I had to climb around on the roof of the first floor of the house. I actually had the thought of, thank goodness I don’t weigh as much as I used to.

I felt that way for two reasons: 1. I wasn’t as worried about the roof caving in from my weight. and 2. I was able to actually get up and down from there without killing myself.

Small wonders. Small victories.