So, I weighed in this morning and I was 158 lbs. This is the new normal. I’ve been bouncing around this number for about 2 months now and it’s exactly where I was 6 years ago before I got pregnant.

I’m happy here.

Here works for me.

But, here still feels like I gave up too early.

I had been as low as 152.5 lbs which was the same lowest point I’d gotten to 8 years ago when I lost 94 pounds through weight loss surgery.

Then, and now, I when I settled into maintenance it took about 6 months to fully stabilize and I bounced up a tick into the comfort zone of 158.5 lbs.

I will admit that 8 years ago my goal had been 149 lbs. This would have given me the ever coveted “normal BMI”.

I will also admit that my goal last summer was 146 lbs. This would make my loss from my highest weight 100 pounds even.

So, I’m satisfied. Mostly. There’s still that nagging. I’ve done this much, why not finish it off?

Sunday night, as we were having our salad with grilled chicken for dinner, my husband told me that he’s put on 4 pounds this winter and after his successful efforts to lose 25 pounds last year he wants to nip any gaining in the bud. He expressed a desire to go back on the attack phase of the diet and go pure protein for a week.

So I decided that given the number of times he’s supported me, by following whatever diet I wanted to and never uttering a word of complaint, I will do the week of pure protein too. Why not?

I’ve decided that no matter what happens with the scale when the week is over, next Wednesday morning, I’m going to go back on the “cruise” phase for a while. It felt really comfortable. One day pure protein, next day protein and vegetables. The rhythm of it worked for me. Actually, that wasn’t exactly the rhythm of it. My week went like this:

Wednesday (weigh-in day): Protein & Vegetables
Thursday: Pure Protein
Friday: Protein & Vegetables
Saturday: Protein & Vegetables
Sunday: Protein & Vegetables
Monday: Pure Protein
Tuesday: Pure Protein

Three days a week of pure protein and four of protein and vegetables. It worked. I’m going to give it a go for a few weeks and see how I feel. If I feel tired of it and deprived I’ll switch back to my consolidation plan. If it feels safe and healthy I’ll stick with it and see where it takes me.

I always feel so much more able to face these challenges, and the unknown, this time of year.