One thing I know from Overeaters Anonymous and from my years battling my eating disorder and my weight is that failing to plan means planning to fail.

Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with my daughter’s second grade class. There are approximately 175 second graders. This is not my idea of fun.

However, it’s to a really cool children’s science museum and I’m tentatively only responsible for my child and one other. Which is better than what I feared which was me with a group of fifteen 8 year olds. That would have gotten ugly.

The chaperones have been told by the school that we will have to bring our own lunches, carry the lunches for the children in our care, and have everything be disposable.

Well, it’s kind of hard to have everything be disposable when you need to keep things cold which you need to do when you’re lunch is yogurt and cold cuts.

I’ve just decided to pull out of storage my old backpack and pack up our lunches and water bottles and just live with the fact that my shoulders will be sore tomorrow night.

I’ve packed deli ham and reduced fat ‘Laughing Cow’ cheese roll-ups, 1/2 of a salami and reduced fat provolone roll-up, some dip with carrots and cauliflower, and a sliced apple. I have my oat bran muffin ready to go with my tea in the morning on the car ride to the museum (luckily I’m not driving, one of the other moms is). I’ve got a low-carb protein bar packed away just in case I get the munchies in the late afternoon and I’m going to schlep my water bottle just to make sure I don’t get thirsty (because I often confuse that with hunger).

I am not planning to fail. I am planned out the wazoo.

Now, I just need to be prepared for all of that planning to be for naught when things don’t go as expected. Of course, they might go as expected. But it’s life and who the heck knows how things will turn out.

All I can do is prepare, hope for the best, and go with the flow. Which is pretty much all we can ever do. It’s not always easy for me to do.

But this food plan helps me get there.