Monday and Tuesday I was ravenous. All. Day. Long.

Yesterday morning I weighed myself and was up 1/2 pound.

Yesterday I tried to go shopping for summer clothes that fit and was unable to find anything I liked and came home empty handed and discouraged.

Last night I lost my temper with my daughter because she was being a whiny complainer.

This morning I got my period.

Good lord, you’d think I’d be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together by now, right?

But, no, it’s still a mystery and no matter how I chart my cycle it always seems to come early. Except when it doesn’t. And then I panic that my tubal ligation stopped working after four years and I’m magically pregnant. Which is it’s own brand of delusional catastrophic thinking that even if I didn’t invent I sure as heck have perfected!

So right now I’m having a glass of water and just breathing and allowing myself to slow down and relax. Yes, I have a busy day running all over hill and dale. Yes, I won’t get home until late and I’ll be exhausted. Yes, I have my period and I hate how it makes me feel.

But, this too shall pass.

I’m packing my lunch and dinner and taking them with me. I’m packing some snacks and an extra thermos of water. No doubt I’m over packing but that is better than under packing in my opinion because it will keep me well insulated from temptation.

I will not give into any cravings that might arise for either junk or convenience foods today. At dinner time I will sit in Panera with my daughter as she eats her carb laden dinner (God bless her little body for being able to handle it) and I’ll eat my yogurt and ham & asparagus wraps and be just fine. I will.

I am prepared to take care of myself and that is what I shall do.

And, again, this too shall pass.

Thank goodness.