I realize that in a month with thirty one days in it (March) I posted only five posts.

This is probably not a good sign and I’ve seen myself slipping.

I’m also not keeping my daily food log. Also, not a good sign.

Simply put, March kicked my butt.

It started out with that wedding that I planned, progressed into three staggered weeks of vacation for myself, and my kids, two trips, a ton of money spent on a babysitter, days of running around like a chicken without a head, and generally feeling swamped.

I stuck to my food plan. But..



I started messing around with sugar free candy back in February and I haven’t quite kicked the habit yet and I know I need to.

I haven’t been eating any starches or deviating from the food plan in any big ways. Everything’s been on track except for the sugar free Valentine’s and Easter candy.

I’m ready to be done with it. I really am. It’s just so artificial and after a while that starts to take a toll on my taste buds and on how I feel. This week I’m going back to writing my food log.

I know that this will help because I refuse to write down in a food log the number of pieces of sugar free candy that I ate in a day. Just typing the words feels like cheating. So, instead of lying I will just stop eating it.

Mostly, I just think I need to get back into the good habits that helped me lose the weight in the first place: writing down what I eat and writing more.

It’s not a tall order. It’s just about prioritization.

This is my effort for today.