So, I was on vacation last week visiting with my parents in Florida. Vacations with little kids aren’t like other vacations. It’s mostly just your life with your kids moved to a different location. There’s not much sleep, or relaxing, or getting to go out. The activities are for the kids and you just roll with it.

That was the sort of week it was, just rolling with it. Which was good in it’s own way.

I have no idea what the scale says right now. I don’t like skipping a weekly weigh-in, but I know better than to use strange scales in strange places and I’ll be getting on Wednesday per normal.

As I said, I have no idea what it will say. Hopefully, it won’t say anything different, except maybe a pound less would be nice. I had some PMS going on the last time I weighed-in and I’m hoping that’s gone from the scale, but other than that stability would be nice.

I’m not used to the stability yet. Of course, if it turns out I’ve gained 5 pounds I’ll probably throw myself back on the Attack Phase pronto because I can’t handle slipping and sliding back up the scale.

But I will confess to feeling a little bit in a funk when it comes to food. It’s just kind of boring right now. I go back and forth between not wanting to ever deviate from routine because this routine keep me sane and the anxiety at bay and wanting to say “the hell with it, eat the damn cupcake”.

So far, I haven’t given in to the lure of the cupcake.

My parents got cupcakes last week as an early celebration for my son’s birthday (which is tomorrow). We had his birthday party yesterday, and yes, I baked the cake. (And it was awesome with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker dueling on the top of the cake!) No, I didn’t eat any of it then or since (the leftovers actually got forgotten and left out all night – seriously, I can’t even believe I forgot about it. Forgot!) For tomorrow, his actual, birthday I’ll send brownies to school with him and he asked for ice-cream for dessert. I don’t honestly feel bad about missing out on any of that stuff. Tomorrow night I’ll get my fat-free sugar-free frozen yogurt and feel like one of the crowd. It will be simple and nice.

But, in the meantime I’m trying to refocus. Get clear from all the hustle and bustle (oh let’s face it – chaos) of the last few of months and settle down into my routine again.

This time of year is always the hardest for me. Winter had dragged on long enough and I’m desperate for spring to arrive. The trees are pollinating which means my allergies are going to start acting up and I don’t relish the probability that I’ll get another sinus infection.

But for today, I’m off to work. Oat bran muffin and tea cup in hand, to get on with my day and my life and to leave the worry of whether or not my pants will fit to another day. Because, for today, they still do.