I have to confess that every time I pull a pair of pants out of my closet and put them on I am convinced as I am pulling them up that they aren’t going to fit me. When they do, I am still surprised. It’s a weird feeling, not entirely bad, but weird none the less.

I keep expecting that this hard fought victory of finally being at basically a normal weight is going to vanish before my eyes.

This past week my eating was simple and straight forward: Wednesday – Sunday I ate protein and vegetables with one serving each of fruit and oat bran each day. Monday and Tuesday I did oat bran and pure protein. Today I got on the scale and it said 155.

That’s technically down 1 pound from last week but I think it’s my body just “settling in” to this new weight. My body is comfortable here.

I am comfortable here.

All week I felt great about what I was eating. I had no nagging worries about it, no second guessing myself. I felt comfortably full and totally satisfied by my meals.

Sure, it took some effort and forethought to make sure that all my meals were healthy and on plan. But the effort and forethought didn’t feel anything like work. It didn’t feel anything like deprivation either. In fact, it felt like liberation.

I didn’t have to figure out when to have my serving of starch or what it should be. I didn’t have to go through any machinations or stress to figure out a celebration meal and then feel gross afterwards.

Instead, I just ate according to how I eat now: protein, veggies, some fruit and oat bran. Done.

By this point it’s easy.

More importantly, it works for me.

Most importantly, it’s who I am now. And it feels great.