I skipped breakfast this morning. This is not something that usually happens. In fact, I think it’s happened twice in the past 8 days and not at all once for the preceding 9 months.

I have trouble eating when I first wake up. Generally, it takes my stomach about an hour to get hungry and find food appetizing. This isn’t such a bad thing, and in the past few years it has tended to play out easily. I get my kids up and fed and then dropped off at school, all the while with a cup of decaffeinated tea in my hand. By the time I get home after dropping them off at school I have had 12 oz of water and 16 oz of tea and my stomach is ready to eat. The best part is I usually get to eat my breakfast in peace.

My daughter has an art class kind of early on Saturday mornings and recently a friend of her’s joined the class. Last week and this week the other girl’s mom came with me and we sat chatting during the class. This is time where I usually have another cup of tea and eat an oat bran muffin and a yogurt.

But, I’ve felt weird about bringing my breakfast with me and eating with this woman, so I haven’t. It seems rude of me to bring food and not offer it to her but at the same time it’s my “diet food” and I doubt she’d want it anyway. It also just seems uncomfortable to be eating when she’s not. (There are whole other posts of neurosis wrapped up there that I could go into!)

I got home today at 11:30 am and I was absolutely ravenous. The feeling has persisted even though I’ve had lunch and an afternoon snack. I’ve also had a mug of tea and it’s not helping.

I just took out some veggies and if snacking on them doesn’t help I might go for a slice of cheese. But what a reminder this is that routine can be self-care.

No more skipping breakfast for me!