After a reasonably reasonable week of eating I weighed myself this morning to discover that I “lost” a pound and weigh 156 pounds. I see now how this really is just fluctuation.

The week was basically fine in terms of food. I followed my plan and ate protein and vegetables everyday while trying, in general, to keep the fat content down. Honestly, it worked well and I didn’t really struggle much with anything. I felt satisfied, I felt full, I felt totally fine. It was actually a total relief.

Yes, it bothered me that I felt a bit restricted but I realize that feeling wasn’t really coming from my food choices. Feeling restricted was more about the fact that in my head I was worrying about the scale.

The lesson in this is that I don’t need to worry about the scale if I make the food choices that are right  for me.

I actually noticed that once the week was over getting on the scale wasn’t something I was worried about this morning. That felt better than anything could have tasted.