My husband, bless his kind and generous soul, insists to me that my weight has basically been the same (154) since October 17th and that I need to chill out about the scale saying 157 on Wednesday.

He tells me that dipping as low as 152.5 and bouncing up to 157 are “normal weight swings” and that I can’t get myself stressed about it.

He’s a normal weight and has been for basically his whole life. He put on a few too many pound a couple of years ago but took it off relatively easily once he realized he was snoring and didn’t like having to buy new pants. Within the past year he’s taken an interest in his health like never before and has been working out with a trainer twice a week. He’s converted a lot of flesh to muscle and looks better than I’ve ever seen him.

He claims that his weight can fluctuate anywhere in a 5-6 pound range depending on all sorts of things and that unless he goes out of the 5-6 pound range he considers it all normal and thinks of his weight as being smack in the middle of the range.

Part of me thinks this makes sense and part of me thinks this is a slippery slope to weighing 246 pounds again.

How vigilant do I have to be here? Am I on a dangerous upward trajectory that requires intervention? Or am I just bouncing around in the range that is my new normal and I need to get used to it and be less reactive?

It’s hard to know since I have no perspective on these things.

Input is welcome.