I am blessed and highly favored. I try to remind myself of this regularly. My greatest struggle in my life is my weight and my body image and that makes me one of the luckiest people in the world. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, it’s painful. Yes, it is wrapped up with more serious issues of anxiety and depression. But it’s really not that bad, and I need to remind myself of that.

I’m back at work now which leaves me so much less time to take care of myself. My husband is away on business this week so I’m alone with the kids. It’s bitterly, horribly, terribly cold. It’s nearly February. It’s a rare winter that I can get through without anti-depressants or gaining 20 pounds and yet I’m making a fair go of it this year.

But, last night, I confess that I didn’t brush my teeth before I went to bed.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound like much. We all have a day or two like that once in a while, right? But, this worries me because I’ve been having the impulse to go to bed without brushing my teeth every night for a week but went to do it anyway. But last night, I just didn’t bother. There didn’t seem to be a point.

This is often the first sign of depression for me: not caring to take these little hygiene things seriously.

Perhaps it was just that it was so freaking cold last night and my attic bedroom (which usually absorbs the heat of the house so we don’t run the heat up there) was just too cold to be comfortable. My daughter slept with me since my husband’s away and while it was comforting I just didn’t want to leave her sleeping body to go back downstairs to brush my teeth.

Today my pledge is simple. Stay focused. Stay on plan.

One task at a time. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.

This is what brings success.