Within the past hour I’ve become so incredibly sad and I have absolutely no idea why. I have no interest in doing anything at all and I think I’m going back to bed.

I woke up feeling fine. Got the kids off to school without any hassle. Ran a couple of errands. Talked to a friend on the phone for a bit. Came home and read some news.

Then, it feels as though I got hit in the head with a concentrated dose of depression.

I reached out to my husband and told him how I’m feeling. He talked me through it a little but he’s at work and understandably couldn’t talk for an extended period of time.

I think I’m going back to bed.

I’m going to try to just accept that this is how I feel right now and not judge or freak out about it.

With the depressed feeling came exhaustion so I’m just going to go back to bed for a couple of hours, before I have to go pick up the kids, and I’ll see how I’m feeling when I wake up.

This is where I am and this is ok. I am ok. I will be ok.

The only way out is through, so I’m riding this out.