Yesterday I was exploring how weighing-in and tracking my food and drink consumption seems to be an important part of my ability to stay sane and focused as I try to maintain my weight loss.

Today, I’m realizing that I need to write too.

I used to go to a lot of Overeaters Anonymous meetings about 12 years ago. I lived in the city and there were three or four a day from which to choose. As wonderful and helpful as it was to listen to people’s qualifications and shares there was something really cathartic and clarifying about being able to share in the meeting. Many times, I had no idea what I wanted to share before opening my mouth but something always came out and I invariably felt better afterwards.

I started out this blog just writing about what I was thinking and feeling in the moment. It was really helpful. I think that reflection was part of what brought me to the food plan that has worked so well for me. There was a more meditative quality to those early posts.

Then, I started thinking of my posts in terms of “topics” and “things I want to write about”. That approach certainly wasn’t harmful, but it made posting seem more like a chore I had to keep on top of rather than a therapeutic outlet.

In the past couple of weeks I haven’t really written much. I’ve been busy with the holidays, a family vacation, and two family birthdays. Somehow, the time and/or inclination to write much that was reflective in nature wasn’t really there.

Now, I’m realizing that sometimes sitting down with no idea what to write about, and leaving the “title” blank until the end, really needs to be my approach more often. Getting thoughts out of my head helps keep me sane and again, that’s the goal: sanity.