Today was hectic. Oh, who am I kidding this week has been a crazy mess and there’s no hope on the horizon of anything getting better anytime soon.

From the day we get back from Thanksgiving it’s like I’m being shot out of a cannon and I don’t land until sometime in mid-January.

We have 8 nights of Hanukkah to celebrate (1st night dinner at my house for my one set of  in-laws).

Then we celebrate Christmas with my family.

Of course there are the requisite work holiday parties, the school holiday parties, the extra baking so my gluten free son can have treats at said parties.

Then my daughter’s birthday is January 4th and my mother-in-law’s is January 5th (for which they are at our house to celebrate).

This year my daughter’s birthday party for her friends from school is going to be January 12th.

There’s no hope for me to get a break until at least January 14th and food will feature prominently on my list of thing to do.

Today I flew out of the house with no lunch packed. Somehow, I managed to save myself from disaster by swinging by the grocery section in Target and grabbing some cheese and yogurt and finding a low-carb protein bar in my purse. A perfect lunch it was not, but it kept me from hunger and it kept me on track.

It is in these small moments where I start to believe in the possibility of my own success.