So, I decided to let reason rule the day and despite my apprehensions I weighed myself this morning as I had planned.

I got on the scale and it said 153.5

That is exactly what it was the last time I weighed myself two weeks ago.

That’s exactly what it was supposed to say.

It probably shouldn’t have been, but it was, a total wonder to me that I had maintained my weight through the Thanksgiving holiday, week of vacation, myriad restaurant meals, and with my period.

I just kept thinking to myself over and over, “I did it!”

I don’t think I would have seen maintaining my weight as such an accomplishment under other circumstances, but it really feels like one and I like feeling proud of myself! I looked back over my weight chart and I’ve actually stayed at this same weight for the past three weeks and it hasn’t really even felt like an effort.

Now, I have to decide if I’m going to add back the fruit. To be honest, I don’t like the idea of adding back in foods just because I’m supposed to if I don’t have a desire for them. If there is a day where I really want fruit, than I will have one serving. If I’m out and fruit is one of my only available options, I’ll have one serving. But I just don’t feel the need to force myself to eat it everyday if I don’t have the desire.