So, I had my plan for Thanksgiving dinner that I posted the other day and I stuck to it. I can not tell you how proud of myself I am for that. The best part is that it wasn’t hard and it made me feel good.

I felt weird that I was putting things on my plate that I would not have been eating on this diet. It also felt weird that I was putting more on my plate than I normally would have. But it worked. I stuck to one serving of everything except the green beans and the turkey which were 100% diet allowed.

I look forward to this meal all year. The foods are amazing. And yet… this year, they were good, but they didn’t rock my world to the same degree. My taste buds have changed and I was much more interested in the green beans than I was in the mashed potatoes.

This is a miracle to me. I genuinely don’t want the same foods that I used to. I don’t have to tell myself that I “shouldn’t” have those refined carbohydrate foods, I’m just more attracted to the proteins and vegetables.

Of course, the next day we usually eat the leftovers for lunch, or dinner, or both. But, I decided that allowing the prohibited foods from Thanksgiving meal to bleed over into the next day was just not going to be allowed. There is just no sense in that. So, Friday lunch for me was turkey and green beans and flax crackers with cheese and I was so happy with it I didn’t even miss the stuffing and potatoes.

I will say, though, that the best part of the meal really is the stuffing. Our stuffing recipe was handed down from my husband’s great-grandmother and it is really amazing. It contains a very very small amount of bread and I realized that I could probably make the stuffing without any bread in it and have it taste basically the same. Without the bread it’s just meat and vegetables. So, I’m planning to try making it with that adjustment when we get home.

All in all Thanksgiving was a success. Having a plan is such a key to that success for me. I’m grateful I can see having a plan as an act of self care rather than a burden. Ever so much more to be thankful for.