Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As we’re busy putting the finishing touches on the meal and I look over my post from yesterday it’s got me wondering if anyone out there is interested in Dukan Diet friendly recipes.

I used to write a food blog and it was fun, but most everything I made included sugar, flour, wheat, and butter so it served to keep me fat. It’s pretty much useless to me know and has been sitting un-updated since I started The Dukan Diet.

But doing this diet has taught me how to cook differently and while I’m mastering a lot of low fat, no carb, no sugar cooking I’m still 100% committed to having food that tastes great. Frankly, I’ve been really pleasantly surpassed how easy it’s been to make that transition.

Our Thanksgiving meal is going to be great, and as I mentioned yesterday is almost 100% Dukan friendly, and I think it might be nice to share those recipes with others.

So, I’m thinking of starting to post some recipes here on this blog and organizing a page on the site to be dedicated to recipes.

What do you think?