Today is my planned day to shift to phase three of the Dukan Diet and begin “consolidation”. So, it’s my last weigh-in of the weight loss phase. I’ll confess I’m nervous. But, I’m ready to move on.

So, here is my plan for today:

Whatever the scale says it says. It’s read out will not change my course. If it is higher than I’d like I know I will be tempted to try to push myself with the weight loss phase longer to get to my final goal. If it is lower than I’m expecting I know I will be tempted to try to push myself with the weight loss phase longer to see how much more I can milk out of it and not waste the momentum. But I can’t do either. I need to move on and know that I can revisit the weight loss phase later if I so choose. Dr. Dukan talks in the book about making the transition to consolidation while you still have motivation and dedication left because the consolidation food plan is still restrictive and you’ll need it. He says wasting you last reserves of energy on pushing through on weigh loss won’t help you in the long run. He’s right. I’m ready. I have to listen to my body.

I’m going to follow the guidelines of the diet as closely as I can. However, after much thought I have decided that I will not incorporate the 2 slices of whole grain bread each day that he recommends. Being away from wheat and flour has been so good for me that I do not want to compromise my recovery by reintroducing them even if he says to. The clarity I’ve gained on this diet is too precious to me to throw away for the sake of 2 slices of bread a day and my years of OA have shown me without a doubt that processed foods like bread harm my mind and my soul. I hate tampering with Dr. Dukan’s plan, but here my sanity trumps the use of whole grains.

I will follow the rest of his edicts by…

… Reintroducing 1 serving of fruit per day.

… Reintroducing 1 serving of starchy foods per week. (I will make them whole foods like beans and rice.)

… Introducing 1 celebration meal per week (that’s Thanksgiving dinner right there).

… Moving to only 1 (maybe 2) days of pure protein each week and the rest protein and non-starchy vegetables.

… Continuing with drinking the water, eating the oat bran, and exercising regularly.

… Monitoring my weight at first by not weighing in again until 11/28/12 because we’ll be away and I won’t have my scale. After that point I will reflect on the result and then I will decide how frequently I will weigh myself going forward.

This is my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Now, I’m off to weigh myself and to visit my weight loss surgeon for my yearly check-up. My weekly weigh-in post will come later today. No doubt I’ll need to post about my doctor’s appointment too since that is such an integral part of my journey.

Thanks for listening.