Scale: 153.5

Change since two weeks ago: -0.5

Total change: -35.5

How many days out of the past 7 did I:

  • Follow my food plan: 7
  • Drink my water: 7
  • Have my oat bran: 7
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise: 2

Today I am feeling this way about my progress:

I’m feeling ok today about this. With everything I was struggling with in the aftermath of the storm and the disruption to my food plan I was really worried about how today’s weigh-in would turn out. The stars did not seem to be aligned in my favor and I was 100% expecting to step on the scale and see a gain of about 2 pounds.

But then, when I did step on the scale I had to blink a couple of times to convince myself my eyes weren’t bleary from sleep. The loss of a half pound over the course of two weeks would probably have discouraged me a couple of months ago, but today it feels like an achievement. I know that the weight loss is going to be slow, if at all, at this point and any movement in the scale is a success.

I’m actually sitting in an office right now, waiting to have blood work done. It’s 11:30 am and I’ve been fasting since last night. I’m exhausted from staying up late last night to watch the election returns, I’ve finally succumbed to a minor cold that’s been stalking me for a week, and I’m starving to boot. This combines to make me awfully cranky. I went back to bed after getting the kids off to school so that I could get a little extra sleep, fight the cold, and avoid eating. Of course, it backfired and just made me feel more tired and sick that I did before. Right now, I just want to get this over with, go get a non-fat latte, and get the rest of this day completed.

So, you’d think I would be pissed off about the weight, but I’m not. I’m settling in. I’m happy with where I’ve come in my journey. If this is the end of the weight loss journey, I’m ok with that. If, after the holidays I’m ready to try attack again to lose those last 7.5 pounds that would make me feel “ideal”, then great. But for right now, for the first time, I’m pretty happy with how things are.

Happy with my weight.

Happy with my eating.

What a novelty that is!

I think I’ll let myself enjoy this!