We made it through. We have power. We have a dry basement. We have potable water.

I am amazed.

The houses next door to us and across the street each had a tree fall on them. There are also downed wires all over the street. In fact, we’re trapped between police lines on every side and couldn’t possibly get the car out. But we’re going to get ourselves together and take a very very careful walk.

My eating was insane over the past two days and I have no idea why. Basically, I couldn’t stop eating. I remained on plan for the most part, except for eating vegetables yesterday on a pure protein day, and eating a couple of Atkins bar when I didn’t strictly need to. Which made me feel weird, and I’ll have to write more about that later.

But for this morning. I’m grateful for the blessings of a dry basement, power, and a house that didn’t have a tree fall on it.

Tired as hell, but grateful.