So, I live in the Northeastern US and we’re playing a waiting game getting ready for Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

Friday morning after I got the kids to school I spent the day prepping for the hurricane.

Yesterday was pretty normal except for tracking the storm online and continuing with prep.

Today has been final touches on prepping for the storm and waiting.

Other than the fact that I couldn’t find any ice today at the store so our cooler isn’t going to help and the fact that we don’t own a generator I think we’ve done all we can.

I’m 100% certain we’re going to have a flooded basement by this time tomorrow. I’m not happy about it, and we don’t really have the money right now to deal with the clean-up and repairs. But, if we can get away with that being our only hardship (as it was with Irene last year) I’ll be grateful and happy.

One thing I noticed in getting prepped for this storm is that when you’re doing a low carb, low fat, diet it becomes much harder to plan for scenarios where you might lose electricity. Not, because everything I eat would need to be cooked (I have a gas stove and matches so no matter what I should be able to cook). It’s harder to plan because basically everything I eat needs to be refrigerated. My foods are all fresh whole foods like vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, and poultry.

My fridge is full to bursting at the moment. We will be fine for the duration. As long as we have power for the fridge to stay running. If we lose power (and since we have no ice) it will be really hard for me to eat.

I spent more time (and money) on the middle isles of the grocery store in the past couple of days than I have all year. For the kids I got canned fruits packed in fruit juice (not syrup), crackers, bread, cold cereal, pasta. They’ll eat just fine. Not terribly balanced per se, but if the power goes out they’ll still eat.

We’ve got plenty of my foods in the fridge and I made a couple batches of oat bran muffins today so that if I can’t cook up my daily dose of oat bran in the microwave I have it in the muffins. (Huh, I just realized I could make it on the stove top… I’ve never made it that way because I always make such a small amount, but I suppose there’s no reason I can’t.)

I bought a fair amount of veggies that can survive outside the fridge for a couple of days if needed. I also bought some Atkins bars. At least I know that if the fridge goes I will be able to eat something that’s predominantly protein.

For the sake of my food plan, hope for me that my power stays on!