I suspect the scale tomorrow is going to show a significant loss and I’m not sure how I’m going to react when it does. Big losses, especially ones that feel “artificial” like this one always make me fear the “rebound”.

I’m getting over being terribly sick and I didn’t eat from Tuesday night of last week until yesterday (Monday). Sure, sure I ate enough to keep my medicine down, but I never topped out at more than about 400-500 calories per day. I just couldn’t stomach food.

Yesterday I got back to eating normally but didn’t overdo it. Partly, because I’m trying to use sense and not let my eating disordered head sabotage my journey and also because I just wanted to go easy on my stomach.

Yesterday I noticed that my jeans were sliding down. I suspect this is in part the result of them needing to be washed and tighten up a bit as they do in the dryer but I also suspected it was because of having been sick.

My husband is away on business so after the kids went to bed I took out “The Box” of clothes and tried them on. They all fit. And I mean all of them. It was weird.

Everything fit.

Everything was comfortable.


When my husband called before bed I asked him what I should do about it. He told me to keep them in the box and not get too excited. He reminded me of what I had said to him last week, that getting back to eating solid food was going to result in a bounce on the scale and I shouldn’t set myself up for later disappointment. He also encouraged me that this means I’m close. Really close.

But I don’t want to pack those clothes away. I want to take them out, hang them up, wear them!

And I think I’m going to.

I’ve been doing some research on basal metabolic rates and what happens when you don’t eat for a while. Some information says that it can slow your BMR by as much as 20%!

My stomach definitely shrank over the course of the week of not eating so right now I’m just trying to stick with the parameters of my food plan and not eat if I’m not hungry. No snacks and not finishing my portions if my stomach tells me it’s full. This is always a goal of mine, but coming back to food after being sick makes the process seem easier. My stomach just seems easier to listen to.

I’m hoping that just taking it slowly will help my BMR get back on track without it having to do too much of a bounce. I suppose I won’t find out if it worked until next week.

Hopefully, that thought of that, and the clothes hanging in the closet, will keep me honest.