My head is very scattered today because not only an I sick, but I’ve got a sick kid at home with me.

Last night I went to yoga and got the chance to do some treadmill walking before the class started. As I walked from the equipment room to the yoga room in between I thought I was feeling a bit off. By the time yoga ended I knew I was sick and deteriorating fast.

It got worse as the night progressed and this morning I’m continuing to deteriorate rapidly. I’m wondering where the bottom on this is.

My daughter, who’s been fighting something for about a week now, woke up this morning with a slight temperature and promptly barfed up her breakfast.

I have a slight temperature too and I’m hoping and praying I don’t barf too because there’s nothing in there to barf up.

I had about 8 oz of water this morning but I’m basically revolted by the thought of food, especially proteins. I haven’t eaten my oat bran for the day so I might try that a little later, but for now I’m just sipping some broth.

The worst part, at least for me, is that I will have no chance to rest today. In about a half hour I have to wake up my daughter and take her to the pediatrician. Then I have to get some things from the store. Then I have to go to my daughter’s parent/teacher conference. Then I have to pick up my son from school. Then, there are all of the normal nighttime chores: dinner, homework, baths, bedtime.

I suppose I should feel lucky that at least we can skip gymnastics today.

To be honest, weighing myself is about the furthest thing from my mind right now. I didn’t do it this morning because I told myself I wouldn’t while I have my period. Thank goodness. Because I don’t think I could handle a weigh-in today. I don’t think there is anything the scale could have said that would make me give a crap today.

I will say that I am grateful that I am able to look at this from a “one day at a time” standpoint. I’m not worrying about tomorrow yet because tomorrow will take care of itself.

I am also grateful that I’m on this diet because when I get sick like this I pretty much just revert to eating potato chips and toast and then when I’m better I never get out of that habit which leads to despair later on. This way, it’s just not an option and I know I won’t be laying any groundwork for later destruction.