I’m starting to wonder if it’s still a good idea to be weighing myself every week.

When I was first on the diet and losing weight at a really rapid pace it was super motivating to get on the scale each week and see the changes.

Over the summer when I was chugging along losing weight pretty steadily, it was a good reality check to keep me focused each week.

Now, that I’ve reached my primary goal of weighing what I did before getting pregnant with my last kid and the rest of this weight loss ride is unknown, I’m not sure if it’s helping any more. I’ve starting having trouble sleeping the night before my weigh-in day. I’ve been getting anxiety dreams that keep waking me up and generally making me feel very unrested in the morning. I know this is happening because I know I’m stepping on the scale in the morning.

I also think I’m under eating on Tuesdays, the day before my weigh-in.

Neither of those is a  good thing for my mental and emotional stability.

The scale is going to move very slowly from here on out, if I can get it to move at all, and I’m afraid the tiny drops, and monthly fluctuations that show tiny gains, are just going to stress me out more.

I have my period (again, feels like it’s always here) and weighing-in at this stage with my period just seems like a recipe for distress.

I looked back at the weight and inches chart I kept when I originally lost 90 pounds. I don’t remember if I was weighing-in every week, but I was only recording it once per month.

I’ve talked a lot lately about shifting my focus from thinking about this diet in terms of weight-loss to thinking of it as the food plan that keeps me sane. Weighing myself regularly keeps me sane because it keeps the worry and unknown factor at bay. But, at the same time, not weighing myself every week might help me to feel more like I’m transitioning into this being my normal state of being.

Either way, I’m not weighing myself this week. I am at least confident enough in this course of action to say that I’m not weighing myself immediately before, after, or during my period anymore. Those changes are irrelevant and I don’t need them messing with my head.

So, no weigh-in this week. I’ll see the scale on the 17th!