Ok, so I’ve settled on a plan. It’s called, back to basics.

My husband wants to do this diet too because he’s been trying to lose weight on his own and while he’s successfully lost about 15 pounds on his own he’s stuck with a final 7 pounds that won’t budge.

I’m 13 pounds from my goal.

So, we’ve decided to try bust through this final barrier together.

I did a ton of research online talking about what to do with a plateau and I’ve decided on a few things to help with my plan of action. Some, I’ve pulled from reputable sources. Some I’ve pulled from anecdotal report from people. Some I’ve made up based on my review of my successes these past four months. These will be my additional guidelines until I firmly and clearly break through this plateau (glass floor):

  1. No more than 6 oz of yogurt a day and no more than 8 oz skim milk.
  2. 60 minutes of walking per day.
  3. Only low-fat or non-fat cheeses.
  4. 32 oz of tea a day.
  5. Cutting out the fattier meats like salami and roast beef.
  6. Eating a little bit less at each meal.
  7. More fish & shellfish.

I’m going to start this out with a back to basics six days of the first “attack” phase. The most frequent advice I seemed to find was “shake it up a bit” go off plan for a few days or go back to “attack”. Just do something different.

Now, I’m not going off plan. I just can’t. It scares me too much right now and I’m afraid I’d slide right back down into the abyss and this clarity and sanity is more important. So I’m going back to the beginning. For six days. With my husband.

Also, it’s time that I admit that I’ve gotten sloppy and I need to clean up the edges of this diet. I’ve been eating regular full fat cheese each day. I’ve been having a few non-fat lattes a week, and while they technically aren’t carbs or “off plan” they are unnecessary calories and with the amount of weight I’ve lost I just don’t need as many calories each day anymore. The nuts are also devilish right now, I justified them sneaking in because they aren’t carbs, but they are just too high in fat and calories while I’m trying to lose and that makes them a no-no.

I have to remind myself that once I get to my goal, I’m going to spend another 6 months working to reintegrate the foods I haven’t been eating so that I don’t yo-yo all this weight back on. All these foods will come back in due time. For now, I can live without the frills so that I can feel the satisfaction of achieving my goal.