It’s an ugly word. It’s an ugly experience. But it seems to be inevitable when I go more than a few days without vegetables.

This post may be ugly so if anyone out there wants to skip it, feel free.

This morning has been tough. It’s my daughter’s first day at a new school and we had to get her off with chipper moods and enthusiasm. I had three breakfasts to make and two lunches to pack. Shortly before we had to leave I started feeling as though I had to… well… go. It usually doesn’t take me long so once I had everything set for departure I thought I’d grab the 10 minutes we had to spare to run to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I was “broken hearted”, if you get the reference, and I found myself stuck in a horrible place somewhere between success and agony. I had to abort the attempt and awkwardly make my way to the car.

An hour and a half later I got home to my contractor waiting in the driveway ready to take measurements for work they are starting today in my house. I also had a car full of groceries that needed to be put away, a 4 year old boy who was overwhelmed with excitement about both the contractor and a new cereal we got at the store, I still hadn’t eaten breakfast, and I’m wondering when I’m going to be able to get back to my problem.

At the store this morning I bought a pill to take that I’m hoping will help. Then I came home and amidst the chaos managed to get myself a bowl of oat bran; 3 tablespoons instead of the required 2. I’m sure the two together will help, I’m just a bit nervous about when and how they kick in. But, I don’t really feel as though I have a choice. This isn’t something I want to have to deal with.

I’m drinking my water.

I’m trying to be patient.

I’m trying to stay positive.

I’m trying to be hopeful.

I’ll be glad when this is over.